Prime15 E-liquid Review

Best tasting E-liquid on the market!

Recently I purchased a 7ml bottle of 18mg nicotine, and a 30ml bottle of 12mg Prime15 E-liquid from using this Halo cigs coupon code. The entire process from placing the order, to shipping the product was an extremely quick and easy process. I chose for my liquid to be shipped to my front door via UPS ground shipping and it came in just 2 days of placing the order!

Generally I’d say that most e-liquids that try to emulate the taste of a natural cigarette comes out bland and unfulfilling when compared to that of your average cigarette. Prime15 is definitely the closest you’ll get to an accurate, great tasting cigarette without all the harmful additives commonly found in most tobacco.

I based my review off the Triton starter kit available on the website. I feel it delivers the great throat hit the Prime15 e-liquid is suppose to without sacrificing any of the flavor, or realism the e-liquid is trying to emulate.

Halo cigs coupon codeWith that being said, I would recommend Prime15 to anybody who is truly looking for the absolute closest-to-real-cigarette experience they would hope to get out of their vaping experience. Excellent for taking the edge off while you’re between packs, or if you’re trying to cut back on smoking this is always a great place to start.

My service with the company was excellent, the product was equally so, and the E-cigarette that I also purchased from HaloCigs has performed stellar in making my vape experience the best yet. I’d also recommend for anyone to just go ahead and purchase the 30ml bottle from them straight-off just so you don’t have to wait for your next 7ml to come in the mail! The amount of nicotine available is in, nicotine free, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. I found that I could cut back from the 18mg nicotine, down to the 12 mg nicotine with absolutely no sacrifice to Prime15’s flavor, or throat hit. Not only has Prime15 helped me cut back drastically on my cigarette cravings, but it’s also helped me ease back on my average nicotine intake.

Can’t wait to try the rest of HaloCig’s E-liquids! I’m very happy with my purchase, and will be on the look out for other new and exciting flavors. Thanks you, you’ve made a dedicated customer!

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